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Watching my life unravel

This has been an interesting year for me. I’ve had a sense of something big coming, but have no idea what. In an accelerating rush, the last four months have continued the process that began on 4th September 2010, the

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Irresistible driving compulsion

Imagine this: you’re lying on a carpet, looking around with joy at the world you can see, the world that comes to you. You have an instinct to flex a certain group of muscles in your leg, to move it

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I am on track, really…

I am on track. I know I am. I followed everything my gut told me to do. Just, I’m a little bit stretched at the moment. My afternoon meeting was wonderful, inspiring, taking me and my conversation partner to spiritual

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The call of Destiny

Something happened about a year and a half ago – co-incidentally, or not – at the time when my younger child stepped out of childhood into being an adult. Nothing changed and everything did. I couldn’t even pinpoint the change

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