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Delta Squared

I know myself as an element of change – and further than that, of transformation, where the result is not comparable or measurable in terms of the starting point. The perspective is different. Even the eyes I see with have

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Loss of love

  Do you know this feeling? Bone-cracking sobs waiting inside your body for their outlet, ribs creaking with pain and fatigue whether you let those sobs out or not; the stone that fills your heart so the blood has to

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Irresistible driving compulsion

Imagine this: you’re lying on a carpet, looking around with joy at the world you can see, the world that comes to you. You have an instinct to flex a certain group of muscles in your leg, to move it

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The men in my life

I have a lot of powerful men in my life – and I don’t just mean powerful in a world sense, although that is part of it; I mean, in personal presence. You notice a shift in the magnetic fields

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Uncontainable delight

Life gives us circumstances to delight in, if we’re open to them, if we take the time, if we’re willing to stretch our bodies in this unique way. For me, it’s people, or animals – my pets, the gorgeous dog

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“You are life’s prayer of becoming and its answer”

Quote from Mike Dooley, The Universe, There are things we avoid, things we seek. I wouldn’t necessarily ask for anger, or grief, but then again, in their pure experience, there’s nothing to resist, really. In their wake it’s likely

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I am on track, really…

I am on track. I know I am. I followed everything my gut told me to do. Just, I’m a little bit stretched at the moment. My afternoon meeting was wonderful, inspiring, taking me and my conversation partner to spiritual

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