Delta Squared

butterfly_on_flowers_196978I know myself as an element of change – and further than that, of transformation, where the result is not comparable or measurable in terms of the starting point. The perspective is different. Even the eyes I see with have altered.

After my post in November, “Watching my life unravel”, life took a radical turn. I landed a full-time role in a creative company with the essential brief to be the element of change – to make people happier so they would get things done. Apart from that, I have a job title, but no-one has really given me a job description. I went in, looked around and did what was needed. The practical parts of my role I do more or less in my spare time.

When things change, things change

The thing is, when things change, things change. What needs doing today is not what needed doing yesterday. It’s disorienting, and requires a different vocabulary. There’s no need to describe what’s happening when it’s already changing – it’s way more useful to look at how the change feels, or how others are responding to it. Most of my time is spent keeping people calm, maintaining stability, steering a course towards a positive result, even if no-one quite knows what that result will be.

In each moment, the best action is clear.

And the individual response to the shifting environment is even clearer. Managing uncertainty is a challenge for everyone and people need different support, different handling. I’m learning as I go, and the first person I need to manage is myself. Step out and away from any emotional reaction of my own and look back with love at the actions of others. Have compassion. Don’t bite back. Trust people to be able to handle themselves, otherwise in trying to protect some I will become adversarial to others. Love them all, like children in a playpen, feel their frustration and help them express their emotions constructively. Stay calm, except when positive passion comes into play.

Feeling the motion

The next step is even more interesting. Once you learn to surf change, you begin to see how change itself is changing. You lean into the corners and feel the subtleties of new forces taking effect. You get further and further from the starting point until it is no longer in the frame. There’s no going back now, but you don’t want to anyway.

No hand holds. No safety net, and no need of one as the ground beneath you slips permanently away and you begin to fly.

Jennifer Manson is the author of Truth, about finding, speaking and living our own personal truth, Easy – Stories from a effortlessly created life and six novels, also on the theme of living our truth. Available from Amazon and all major eBook sites.

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