Two intense weeks

ImageI’ve just come out of two weeks of intense new work and around sixty hours of driving, from France to Bath to Oxfordshire and back again, twice; a three-day weekend encompassing two family birthdays; and the call of deep, clear wisdom about what I needed to be doing with my time.

Working on an important political book with a brilliant client, meeting with some of Oxfordshire’s leading business and leadership lights, catching up with friends, not for social chit-chat, but rather for tough discussion of the next layers of personal and spiritual development, and what I need to be doing for the world.

I live by my gut. It’s hard, and it’s the only way I can live – anything else, any denial of that strong, strident voice within me, becomes unbearable, fast.

This commitment to living this way is a two-edged thing. It started as a vague sense that something deep within me had answers to the questions I was asking, could tell me what I needed to do. I got used to tuning in, to following the prompts, even when they didn’t make logical sense.

Now, the prompts are getting tougher, bigger: drive ten hours to attend a meeting; talk to someone about something they don’t want to face; forget the fact that you’re tired and down, get on with that editing, get that book out, there is more important work to do.

And now, the rewards have started coming, not personal so much as in fulfillment of my life purpose. The opportunities are getting bigger, clearer. I walk into a room and it is the most prominent people who approach, who want to speak to me. I hear their call to greatness, and instantly see how I can help them, what I can offer, with my skills, that can move them on faster to their destiny.

Moving to France, for that idyllic lifestyle, my desire to live and write in these beautiful surroundings, that was for me. This next phase, the things I see before me now, go wider, into the vast, brave future of the world. It makes sense. I’m ready. Bring it on!

Jennifer Manson is the author of Easy – Stories from an effortlessly created life and six novels, all about people discovering and living their dreams.

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One comment on “Two intense weeks
  1. Totally inspirational and leaves me almost breathless with excitement and anticipation for the next.

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