The call of Destiny

ImageSomething happened about a year and a half ago – co-incidentally, or not – at the time when my younger child stepped out of childhood into being an adult. Nothing changed and everything did. I couldn’t even pinpoint the change in her, just, I knew something was different. There were things she no longer needed from me.

For some time before that I had been living intuitively, guided by intuition 100% of the time. Many of us follow intuition, our inner voice, some of the time; I mastered following it all the time, a slowly tipping balance that at some point I registered as complete. Until the moment of my children’s independence, intuition had still kept me largely at home. When that moment came there was a rapid shift in direction and I was called to live a much larger, much wider life.

To the people around me – specifically my husband – this wasn’t particularly convenient. It didn’t look like me. It seemed I had changed overnight. But I hadn’t changed at all. Just Destiny was taking its moment, telling me it was time.

I may speak about that struggle more at a later date. For now, I’ll just say that over the last year or so I have called on every resource of courage and strength I own.

I rarely experience fear on a personal level; I’ve always been happy to do the brave stuff I could do on my own. Now, I’m called to work in conjunction with others, lift them to greatness, and have them lift me. This calls for new skills, new courage.

In this blog, I’ll take you with me through this journey, show you what one life lived courageously at the call of Destiny looks like. We can inspire others with our stories. I’d like to inspire you with mine.

If there’s anything I’ve missed out, or you want to ask more about, leave a comment, or contact me through one of my websites: and

Jennifer Manson is the author of Easy – Stories from an effortlessly created life and six novels, all about people discovering and living their dreams.

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One comment on “The call of Destiny
  1. Courageous. I sense there is so much more to come…

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